The 10 Commandments, The Beatitudesand Images of Good and Evil...


"...a human being will find fulfillment, will 'be all that he can be', will be at his best....when he uses his mind to seek the truth and his will to choose good. And so this is what it means to be 'more' human. " 2008-2010 Malini Paye, retrieved from on 5/12/11.

This term, in Year 9 religion, you will be studying The 10 Commandments, The Beatitudes and Images of Good and Evil. You will need to demonstrate your understanding of these key foundations of your faith and how they relate to your life today by completing a task in pairs or groups of three...

Your challenge???
To create a museum box which addresses your understanding of this statement. Museum box will contain the following elements when completed:
  • visual and verbal representations of at least two Commandments and two Beatitudes
  • application of these commandments and Beatitudes to real life situations
  • visual and verbal representations of "good" and "evil"

Your Museum Box should provide a clear explanation or illustration of how the "world" might lead you to reject what is good, but by applying your understanding of the Commandments and Beatitudes to your life, you can choose "good" over "evil".

Your Museum Box can be as creative or as simple as you like - the main thing is to show your understanding of how fundamental principles of faith serve as guide for how we should live.

You may use some or all of the following in preparing your Museum Box:
  • links to videos
  • videos/skits you have filmed
  • pictures you make or take and upload
  • pictures from the internet
  • quotes from scripture
  • other elements as approved by your teacher
  • music

You must use good scholarship principles in creating your Museum Box - work collaboratively as a team, credit the work of others, credit sources of quotes, pictures, videos, etc. NO copying or plagiarism.

You be required to:
  • evaluate and reflect on your group and individual work each week
  • complete various individual and team challenges over the term
  • upload a link to your Museum Box on this wiki (when it is completed)
  • leave positive comments on the team pages of at least three other teams from Year 9

There will be a progress mark in Week 5 which will count towards your first semester report. The final product will not be due until Week 10. Evaluations and sharing will take place in Week 10. There will be two prizes given in Week 10 - one for the best presentation showing skill in use of technology and one for the presentation which best illustrates understanding of the 10 Commandments and Beatitudes in shaping you to be "the best you can be". - that is in choosing good, in being more human - and avoiding what is evil.

See the "Presentations Page" for more details about what to include in your presentation and for tips on choosing a presentation format.